Born Assassin - Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7 AG Combat Evaluation

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Born Assassin - Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7 AG Combat Evaluation


Today Xiaobian brings you an intermediate-level sneaker evaluation. It is the AG version of the Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7, the mid-level version of the latest Assassin football shoes released in 2014.


The overall introduction of Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7 AG:


As the most popular sneakers in the long-term, Assassins have always had very high sales and market acclaim. The Assassin attracts consumers' attention with its beautiful shape, rich color scheme and full functionality. Da Luo and C Luo are all wearing assassins and become superstars. The assassin has always been regarded as the first choice of the striker, and it is also the reason why it is called an assassin. In the twinkling of an eye, the assassin was born for nearly 20 years. Although the assassin has developed to the tenth generation in 2014, Victory is the mid-level of the Assassin series, which is the fifth generation.

Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7 AG's upper design experience:


This pair of Assassin's mid-level CR7 uses an ordinary synthetic microfiber material upper, which is not the Teijin artificial microfiber material used by the top and top assassins. Although the middle of this ordinary sneakers is light and thin, the toe design is slightly flat, especially the front end of the tongue. It feels a little pressed and not uncomfortable. It will be slow.


The toe is designed with a matte finish to prevent the sneaker from opening and wearing, and the sneakers are practical on artificial grass. The design is quite functional.

The upper is made of integrated artificial microfiber material, and the upper has only one stitch at the heel position, which makes the overall performance of the shoes better. The heel of the sneakers is small and soft, and some softness is not uncomfortable, but there is a lack of security in the shoes.


Outsole of Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7 AG:


Friends familiar with Assassin AG sneakers know that the AG's mid-level is the AG outsole design of the previous generation Assassin 9. The studs are sparse and thin, and the length of the Assassin's AG has a reputation of 10 and 9 breaks. However, I have actually played 5-6 games, the violent game and the usual game of the company at the same time, but there is no break.


The actual experience of Nike Mercurial Victory V CR7 AG:



This assassin mid-level sneaker has a thin upper, so when you pass the ball and stop the ball, you will feel very crisp. How do you feel this crisp feeling? It is the time of touching the ball is very short, basically a force hits the ball, the ball will not drag the water. Moreover, the upper of the sneakers is more comfortable, and the feedback of the passing is also very good.


Take the ball:


Speed sneakers, with the ball should be a strong point, but because the speed of Xiaobian is not a strong point, so my actual combat feeling is ordinary, no special feeling, but also in line with its positioning of more than 400 intermediate sneakers.



The feeling of shooting in this pair of shoes is also common to ordinary people. Xiaobian I personally prefer the upper with friction properties. And this pair of assassins does not have the friction property. A smooth upper will take a while for me to get used to. The force is very similar to the feeling of passing the ball. It is very brittle and very typical of the artificial microfiber material upper.


Editor's summary:

This sneaker, Xiao Bian recommended to the middle school and university students who are studying. Therefore, this kind of mid-level sneakers with high cost performance is the first choice for many friends with limited spending power. This is also the reason I recommend. First of all, it is well-configured and looks good. The AG outsole meets the artificial grass conditions of most schools. But remember that the front two spikes in the back section should be remembered to be shorter.

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