Excellent Football Shoes - Adidas Copa 17.1

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Excellent football shoes - Adidas Copa 17.1


As a brand new shoe that has just been listed, Copa 17's positioning is quite clear: the main retro-controlled shoes. Introduce Copa 17.1 today.


Inside the sneakers:


Copa 17 From this name you can see that this is a series that is inextricably linked to Copa Mundial. In fact, it is straightforward to say that Copa 17 is the modern Copa Mundial, and its side lines and shapes also maintain the flavor of Copa Mundial. The iconic Adidas three-bar is the most striking feature of this collection.


Outside the sneakers:


The first shoelace hole in 17.1 hangs a small leather tag. This small tag is good. It can be used to hang on a key or a kit to instantly improve the strength of the football dog. Since this traditional soccer shoe adopts a symmetrical structure inside and outside, the design of the outer side and the inner side is the same, and the place where the inner side is different is at the ankle, and the black COPA type can be seen.

Men Adidas Copa 17.1 FG Black White Football Shoes UK

Upper material:


Copa 17.1's upper is made of kangaroo leather, kangaroo leather covers a very thick area, almost 2/3 of the body of the shoe, the upper can see the arc-shaped line, this is also to strengthen the strength of the leather upper To prevent excessive deformation of the cortex and deformation and looseness. The leather sneakers can be seen on the inside of the toe, and the logo of the leather is embossed. This is also a feature of distinguishing whether the shoes are made of leather.


Inner detail:


The red material on the inside of 17.1 is still kangaroo leather, but the embossed leather in this area is not very strong and soft. The inner black three-bar is an artificial material with small black particles and a white car on the outside. The line is locked, the stereo is stronger, and the look is more refined.




As mentioned above, the Copa 17 is a pair of traditional soccer shoes that are traditional and tactile, so the tongue is symmetrically centered. However, the lace hole of Copa 17 is not treated in the late stage. Take 17.1, it is directly open on the surface of the kangaroo leather. Everyone knows that the kangaroo skin is soft, and the laces will be traced if they are directly pulled up. If you are strong, it will be easy to break.

Men Adidas Copa 17.1 FG Blue White Black Football Shoe

The 17.1 tongue is made of Techfit and has a very flexible foot. There is a threaded suture in the middle, and the top is the Adidas logo on a white background.




Since 17.1 uses a lightweight Sprintframe outsole, the external protective cup is integrated with the outsole. 17.1 is a bimodal M-shaped structure, and the top of the collar is thermally bonded with a black TPU material. With a small particle distribution on it, it plays a protective function.


17.1's heel lining material is the same, belonging to a matte white PU with some fine small eyes and anti-slip properties. The lining structure of 17.1 is a sponge strip with protrusions on both sides, and the achilles tendon is concave. This design can make the heel stick inside, it is not easy to slide, and the comfort is also high.




Top 17.1 uses a lightweight Pebex nylon plus TPU, so the overall body is very light.

Men Adidas Copa 17.1 FG Green yellow Black

Forefoot studs:


The structure and layout of the studs are the same, and it can be seen that the studs and the studs are related and reinforced, and the red and white shading can also be seen on the outsole.


Heel studs:


The heel studs also have an absolute advantage in terms of number and can easily cope with the needs of different people.


Stud data measurement


Since both models are AG and are consistent in the length and layout of the studs, only 17.1 is measured here, and the length of 17.2 is the same.


to sum up

      AdidasCopa 17 is the "modern version" of Copa Mundial. It is based on Copa Mundial and it looks very retro and classic. It uses many iconic elements on Adidas football shoes and looks impressive, but from the appearance If you look at it, you have already attracted many people. The top model 17.1 maintains the standard of the high-end flagship shoe, the large area of kangaroo leather upper, the design of the avant-garde Techfit tongue, and the inferior insole, which make it a representative of the new generation of Adidas leather shoes.

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