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Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Reviews


The design and configuration comparison generation of Nike venom hyperphantom II FG ushered in a huge change. The shoes have been upgraded from 4 to 5, and like Mercurial and Magista, they have super-top levels. That's right, Phantom II became Flyknit knitted material on the surface of the shoes "the third drop of blood", as the name implies the Phantom II super top also USES Flyknit knitting vamp material, and also help with the collar design, exciting.


The first impression of Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoes:

Now let's look at this pair of Phantom II's overall appearance, as the title suggests, this is Nike super top football shoes "the third drop of blood", appearance and fellow over top of Mercurial Superfly, Magista Obra somewhat similar to that of simple said is designed with the help of shoes.

NIke Hypervenom Phantom II FG NJR x JORDAN 23 Football Boots Black Red UK

Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoes:

The Phantom II USES a generation of last, so the shoe shape of the ball shoe is not much different from that of the generation. Look down and you can see that the top to bottom shoes are larger. Plus "boots" for Flyknit knitting fabric, shoe the ductility is good, so in simple terms, the Phantom super top very suitable for wide feet, foot is thinner friends will feel more empty after wear especially on both sides of the foot.


Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoe sole:

The large bottom also follows the large bottom design of the previous generation of Phantom, let's say the large bottom is the first color of the Phantom generation. The rest of the large bottom is just covered with some pieces.


Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoe vamp details:

The original Phantom's iconic solid honeycomb fabric is gone, replaced by a vamp with a frosted texture and crossed lines. At first, you may feel a little old when you look at the wrinkles on the shoes, but you will get used to it after a long time. The Phantom II USES the Nikeskin fabric material, but the density, hardness, and thickness all increase, so the vamp does not collapse, the design is more stiff, and the cavity space increases a lot.

In fact, the Phantom II super-top shoe surface is made of four main materials. The first is the innermost layer of Flyknit yarn, which provides the ultimate bonding degree. And then the superfibrous layer, which is attached to the Flyknit, connects the next Nikeskin fabric to the Flyknit yarn. The advantage of Nikeskin fabric is that it gives you a touch of the ball like a bare foot. Finally, the hot melt film cover is fixed to improve the overall strength of the vamp. The vamp is 2.78 mm thick and has a rough surface and a hard texture.


In addition to the intentionally frosted finish and cross-embossed indentations to enhance control, there are also special three-dimensional Flywire flooring, which was not available in the first generation. The Phantom II's fly-line layout is significantly different from that of Mercurial and Magista, with a small number, a large span, a thick cable and a particularly three-dimensional structure. It is designed to support and tighten the area to reduce the loss of starting power due to foot deformation. Was a reduction in the number of fly line because the Phantom is clever and type of shoes, in addition to strong starting force, also the pursuit of quick mobility, too close the fly line will bring too much bound instead, affect the sensitivity of lateral movement. In addition, the special three-dimensional flying line also has certain auxiliary friction effect, kill two birds with one stone.

Nike venom hyperphantom II FG super top class football shoes integrated tongue:

The Phantom II's super-top-of-the-line lacing is distinct from Mercurial and Magista's, with two separate sides, making it easier to change shoes.

In addition, ACC's all-weather control of technology also ensures that the fabric vamp is impervious to rain. The Nikeskin fabric has long been a star, and this change has made it more reliable, with the touch, comfort and functionality of the shoes that need to be tested in real time.


Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoe heel design:

The Phantom II super-top heel is the most recognizable. First, the Phantom II's shoe collar and heel improvements are also positive. First in the sutures for collar, moved to the Achilles tendon inside, because the player to reflect the Mercurial and Magista right in the middle of sutures have the hidden trouble of the Achilles tendon, grinding heel, moved to the Achilles tendon inside more accord with human body engineering, greatly enhance the comfort levels.

The curve of the heel is noticeably softer than that of Mercurial Superfly and Magista Obra, while the latter two, which have been criticized for grinding their heels, have also made corresponding changes to the Phantom.


First, the spongy underlay lining the heel has thickened to 7.41mm. But the height and range of the package has been reduced for added comfort. The designer increases the thickness of the heel pad to balance locking and comfort. And existence, shoes for shoes in the maxillary joint move in, followed by a soft can top at the end of the first, followed by a parcel of feeling actually won't have too big loss, greatly improved its comfort instead.

Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoe outsole design:

Bottoms, used the first generation of toe springback design, high elastic bottoms of Pebax nylon material, but pay more attention to the appearance of decorate, joined the spraying of the fractal pattern in the outside, to make visual effect more unified. Simply put, it's no different from the big bottom design of the first generation, but it adds some painting.


Nike venom hyperphantom II FG supertop football shoe insole:

The insole design is very handsome, and this is the theme design of Nike's new products in the next stage, including training clothes, equipment bags and sneakers.


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