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Nike Magista Obra II FG Football Shoes Multi-Faceted Introduction



People are always changeable, especially when it comes to the color of football shoes. When our eyes get so overwhelmed with all sorts of fancy color matching of combat boots, with all black appearance of combat boots is obviously a desire, can let us focus more on football itself rather than the fancy sneakers. Once only, in fact, the new combat boots test phase of the all black color now, more and more players, in addition to let you more dedicated promotion skills, more let you like those tests as rocks a new war boots of stars. Wave of violence and black as a football shoes, Nike has also brought advocating low-key players have all black appearance of "Academy Pack" college football shoes suit, EZer this "new appreciation" will take you to appreciate this suit of Magista Obra II FG football shoes, a pair of lets you change shoes testers all black combat boots.

Nike Magista Obra II Football Shoes


Nike's Academy Pack is designed to keep young players from focusing too much on the fancy color of their shoes and focus on improving their skills. That is in line with Sir Alex ferguson's demand that young players wear black shoes. After looking at the Magista Obra II combat boots with the bold touch zone motif, the black-clad college look is like a clear stream, giving you a sense of clarity.



The Flyknit Flyknit vamp gives the control boot a great touch and comfort. The integrated tongue and improved shape of the dynamic upper collar can not only bring a comprehensive package experience, but also the ankle part of the package more in place. Add a 3D crest wave-valley pattern to the hot area of the ball on the upper of the shoe to help you control the ball better. ACC technology is also installed on the vamp to ensure that it performs well in all weather conditions.

NIke Magista Obra II FG Football Boots Cleats 2017 Blackout Volt UK


Compared with the mixed ag-pro bottom, the FG bottom with the circular shoe-nail arrangement clearly shows the Magista Obra II's control characteristics. The ball ring studs design is more suitable for in the game to continue to turn to the midfielder, semicircle shoes nailed mingled with the design of the knife and the characteristics of the round nails, let the players have better traction and flexibility.

In addition to the powerful outsole, Magista Obra II has added a new Nike Grip technology that reduces the sliding of insole through the friction pattern on the midsole, allowing you to focus on the game with all your heart.

NIke Magista Obra II FG Football Boots Cleats 2017 Rio Teal Volt Obsidian Clear Jade UK


The knitted Flyknit, which is comfortable and feels real, is fitted with a more dynamic midsole collar that is attached to the top of the bag to give you a sense of ownership. Improved ball control performance and touch perception of the 3D wave crest trough line allows you to easily control the ball under your feet during the game. The big bottom FG with semi-circular shoe nail and circular nail arrangement is the best platform to show the strength of Magista Obra II. And, of course, low-key inside collect all black color, it doesn't matter if you're ready to take off the football player, or amateur players hung out in wild field, the head with a basic black beast will help you play a more dominant performances on the pitch.

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